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Cheney Brothers Inc

Punta Gorda, FLmain

Cheney Brothers Inc Distribution Center | 300,000 SF


Cheney Brothers Project consisted of 250 Tilt-Up Concrete Panels.  Allen Concrete also completed 270,000 Sq Ft of Concrete Paving.


Concrete Contractor: Allen Concrete & Masonry, Inc.

Architect: Leo A Daly

General Contractor: Florida Premier Contractors


Project Details

Tilt-Up Panels: 250 panels

Project Wall Area: 68,065 Sq Ft

Project Floor Area: 48,211 Sq Ft

Project Footprint: 26,622 Sq Ft

Largest Panel: 2,117 Sq Ft

Widest Panel: 28ft 4in

Tallest Panel: 79ft 0in

Heaviest Panel: 195,700 lbs

Longest Spandrel Panel: 32ft 0in

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