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PreConstruction Services


Allen Concrete’s PreConstruction services provide a formal approach for assisting our clients in developing scope, cost, and schedule to execute their capital projects.  These services are client specific and are tailored to meet the particular requirements of the project.  Each construction project is unique and Allen Concrete approaches each project with over 25 years of experience to meet your job’s needs.




The PreConstruction process at Allen Concrete & Masonry goes beyond a simple estimate.  PreConstruction starts before a job starts and continues throughout the entire construction process.  We continue to improve our customer service by providing innovative tools to simplify and enhance the preconstruction and construction process.  Our estimating process produces a more accurate and thorough understanding of the project and bid price that reflects this information modeling.


3D Constructability Analysisprecon2

In analyzing a new project, we are able to construct the entire structure virtually to find any design conflicts that might cause schedule delays before our crews take the field. This process saves our customers downtime and allows for a higher quality product. 

Allen Concrete creates every job project using software that allows the estimator to see their complete take-off in 3-D. This dimensional rendering allows the user to turn the building around to see it from any angle, get "visual feedback" to eliminate mistakes, and even "walk through" the building to get a complete picture.  


Job Planningpaschal modeling

Our project management team utilizes computer-automated design software to develop schedules and best practices to approach the concrete construction process.  Our comprehensive approach to pre-construction services was developed to conserve contractors their two most precious resources - time and money.




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