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Paschal Logo.3 Formwork

Paschal Wall FormLOGO.3 from Paschal is a wall formwork made of a profiled flat steel frame with a frame depth of only 12.0 cm, and 15 mm thick 11-ply birch plywood. The frame is strong, very comfortable for construction site and easy to repair, and can withstand up to 70 kN/m² pressure from fresh concrete. A large selection of various panel sizes and widths, as well as compensation panels which are integrated in the system, mean that the formwork can be adapted to up to 1.0 cm of the architectural plans, without the need for on-site formwork fillers.
With LOGO.3 the work on the formwork was done quickly, reliably and with the desired perfect results.

Allen Concrete & Masonry construction sites have become faster, more cost-effective, more efficient and safer.



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