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 Ischebeck Formwork System

Ischebeck Panel System

The TITAN HV panel decking system provides a rapid, versatile and efficient means of casting insitu concrete decks in a wide variety of applications. Lightweight and easy to use, TITAN HV comprises just 3 main components and can be erected and dismantled by a team of two operatives without the need for special tools, making it one of the least labour intensive systems on the market.

With all erection and dismantling undertaken from beneath the deck itself, TITAN HV minimises requirements for working at height and makes a major contribution to site safety.

The system's modular nature simplifies the entire process, naturally creating a 1.8m grid that selfsets. This simplicity in use, combined with the system's drop-head, allows for early stripping and re-use of beams and panels, thus enhancing site productivity whilst maintaining automatic backpropping.

Versatility is also a key feature of TITAN HV; columns, wall corners, curved walls and many other potentially problematic features can be accommodated with ease by means of simple positioning and adjustment of panels and infill beams.


The Concept

In contrast to conventional flexible formwork systems, in the TITAN HV system the main beams and secondary beams are fixed in the same plane. This is possible thanks to the support ledges on the main beams and drop-heads, onto which the incoming beams are hooked.HPIM0960HV panels with quick release handle shown above


The uneconomical overlapping of beams – the situation with conventional formwork – is absent from the TITAN HV system. The beams form an interlocking grid that is stable in itself – even without any plywood sheeting. Nevertheless, TITAN HV is still fully flexible: by changing the direction of the span (simply fit main beams together at 90°, the grid can be adapted as required to fit any plan layout. Interruptions such as columns, wall corners, make-up panels, curved walls, etc. are therefore no longer a problem. The main and secondary beams can be arranged to suit.


The system is complemented by the HV panel. This consists of an aluminium frame with an integral 10 mm GFRP sheet. These panels are fitted between the main beams instead of using secondary beams plus separate 0.5 x 2.0 m plywood sheets. Make-up areas are systematically closed off with main and secondary beams plus 21 mm plywood sheeting. The drop-head system enables the formwork to be struck just two days after concreting without having to remove the props (post shores). All the main and secondary beams (or formwork panels) are then available for the next concreting operations.

Ischebeck HV Panel DeckView of formwork surface with HV panels and HV filler strips. Solid GRP sheets (not multi-ply sheets) mean a good concrete finish,no water absorption, no swelling, constant rigidity, less release agent and easier cleaning.




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