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Allen Face is the author of the F-Number System (ASTM E-1155) and is one of the world’s leading authorities on slab-on-grade design, construction, and quality  control. Inventor of the Face Floor Profilograph, the Dipstick® Floor Profiler, the F-Meter®, and the D-Meter®, he helped pioneer the design and construction methodology for superflat floors, and developed the Fmin Equations now used to set the wheel track tolerances for all narrow-aisle lift trucks.  During his 30-year career in high performance concrete floor construction, he has overseen the installation of more than a thousand individual superflatslab placements and has trained hundreds of flatwork contractors worldwide in advanced placing and finishing techniques. Between 1986 and 1992, he presented dozens of day-long seminars around the country on state-of-the-art slab-on-grade design, construction, and quality control. His consulting practice continues to take him to major flooring projects and floor-related disputes throughout North America.

Mr. Face is a long-time member of ACI committees 302 (Floor Construction), 360 (Slab-on-Grade Design), and 117 (Tolerances). He authored the new sections on superflat floors and surface profile control in ACI-302.1R-89, the landmark floor tolerance revisions to ACI-117-90, and the forward to the current ACI-302. He is an ACI Fellow, and in 1990 was the very first recipient of the Construction Innovation Forum’s prestigious Nova Award for Outstanding Contributions to American Construction Technology.


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